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Dental practices begin to lose patients within two weeks of stopped production. Average dental office overhead is 65%.

Patients view dentists with modern, well-equipped dental offices as "better" dentists.

Insurance companies require that customers help mitigate losses, and will reduce benefits if they feel lower-cost alternatives are available.

Average dental production is $170,000 per year per operatory.

A temporary dental office can mitigate insurance losses and, in many cases, may even be paid by insurance companies!


  • Two fully-equipped treatment rooms (including intraoral x-rays)
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Statim sterilizer
  • Central dry suction
  • Central air compressor (oil free)
  • Roof-mount air conditioners
  • Electric or LP heaters
  • Restroom (on some models)
  • Shore power cord or generator to provide adequate power supply for all components
  • 110V and 12V lighting throughout
  • Self-contained fresh water system and city water/sewer hook-ups
  • Electric water heater
  • Leveling system
  • Wheelchair ramp


A practice-saver during remodel, new construction or when disaster strikes.

Its been shown that dental practices begin to lose patients after just two weeks of stopped service. Leasing offers a great short-term solution, and in the case of disaster, insurance companies may even cover the cost.

  • Short-term leases available (from one week to a year or more)
  • Delivered and set up on site. Removed at end of term.
  • Includes all major equipment: chairs, stools, carts, digital X-ray units, sterilizer, cabinetry, computer monitors, patient lights and more.
  • Multiple vehicle configurations available

Will I need a special driver's license to drive the mobile dental van?

No. There is no special driver's license required to drive our standard mobile clinic. We do offer larger models that may require a CDL..

Do I have to plug the van in to an electrical outlet or attach a water hose to treat patients in my Mobile Dental Clinic?

No. Our mobile dental clinics are designed to be fully self contained and fully self-sufficient. There is ample water storage and generator power to meet all your needs when treating patients in the mobile dental clinic. However, if the locations you will be going to are willing to provide the proper electric or water connections, we can provide shore line hook-ups.

Is this the only make/style of mobile dental office available?

No. After years of research and field-testing we have found that the standard model will meet the needs of the majority of mobile dental practices. This model can be manufactured with one or two treatment rooms, with or without a wheelchair lift. We also have the ability to manufacture a larger mobile dental clinic to meet the needs of those who desire it.

What type of warranty is on the mobile dental clinic?

All major components of the mobile dental clinics such as chassis, dental equipment, generators, air conditioners, and wheelchair lift all carry varying manufacturers warranties for 12 months to 3 years.

The Dental Access Mobile Clinic looks big. Is it hard to drive?

No. As a matter of fact, after a small adjustment period many find it as easy to drive as a car. The majority of our drivers are female.


"Dr. John Reese of Rock Hill South Carolina and his associates do it right. The comprehensive approach to dentistry they provide includes both preventive and restorative for the children they serve. The van and equipment his team utilizes are first class and give all of the benefits of a private care facility. Dr. Reese's approach to school based dentistry is the most ideal way to provide these services and should be seen as the gold standard for all programs that provide school based dentistry."

D.W. Newton, Jr., DDS
Former Member South Carolina Board of Dentistry
Presently Serving as Legislative Chairman for the South Carolina Dental Association

"Since the new Medicaid program took effect in 2000, many new and innovative ways to deliver dental care have developed in South Carolina. Several of these methods include dental care delivered by dental vans. The SCDA supports these van units that are operating to deliver dental care to areas in our state that most need care."

Phil Latham - SCDA Executive Director

"Students in South Carolina's Lancaster County School District have the opportunity to benefit from comprehensive dental services provided at each school site. Dr. John Reese's Dental Access Carolina state-of-the-art mobile dental program has provided six years of dental care to students who otherwise might have fallen through the cracks.

Our district selected Dental Access Carolina as the dentistry service provider for our students due to their ability to provide comprehensive and follow-up dental services as compared to sealant only programs. Students learn better and feel better when their dental needs are met."

Dr. Kathy Durbin - Student Services Director

"Healthy Children Learn Better"

"Rock Hill School District Three of York County has successfully collaborated with Dental Access Carolina for several years. Our association with Dr. John Reese and his staff has provided our students with a dental care option during school hours which in many cases would be the only dental care available to them. Dr. Reese is also a valuable resource to our nursing staff as they address the daily health needs of our students. We hope that our success with inclusion of this mobile dental care unit into our school day will serve as a model for other districts. Of first concern in our efforts to fully engage all students in their education is to assist families in meeting basic needs. Dental Access Carolina is an asset in making that happen in Rock Hill."

Susan York, Director of School Climate - Rock Hill School District Three

"Dr. Reese and the Carolina Access Van deliver an invaluable service to my elementary students. We have a population that is under-served and in much need of even basic dental care. They provide a positive experience for the students whether a routine dental cleaning or a more involved procedure. They are my "first responders" when I have a chiild needing dental care."

Debbie Keener, RN, BSN - Independence Elementary School Nurse

Dear John:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you are providing to the children of South Carolina. Your dedication and professionalism is what makes this state a wonderful place to call home.

The children you are helping today will realize in time just how much you were able to do for their future.

If I can ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call upon me. I look forward to our continued association.

Gary Simrill